Doors and windows invite pollen, friends and family spread bacteria and viruses, fine dust flies off furniture and floors, and don’t forget about hair and dander from pets. It’s all trapped inside, circulating in the air that you breathe. Because your indoor air is under constant attack, you need an effective defense – the kind you get with the Evolution™ Air Purifier.

A Three-Step Approach

The Evolution Air Purifier uses patented technology as part of a three-step process that treats 100% of the air flowing through your heating and cooling system.

Step 1

Particles entering the purifier through your duct system are “charged” via ionization.

Step 2

The charged airborne particles are “captured” in a specially designed, charged media filter.*

Step 3

Captured viruses and bacteria are deactivated, or “killed” using patented, state-of-the-art technology, helping prevent further growth of bacteria on the filter.*


The Evolution Air Purifier has shown a high rate of effectiveness against cold and flu viruses.

This was verified through independent lab testing that shows a 99% inactivation rate within 24 hours for human influenza and common cold viruses as well as streptococcus, the bacteria that causes sore throats.*

The Evolution Air Purifier’s high-efficiency filter earns a MERV 15 measure of efficiency. Air filtration is measured using the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) scale from 1-16, with 16 being the best. That means you can count on highly effective filtering of unwanted airborne particles.


Today’s homes are more energy-efficient than ever – sealed tighter and better insulated to keep heated or cooled air on the inside.

The unfortunate side effect is that these same homes also do a better job retaining dust, dirt, pollen and more, trapping them inside to circulate and recirculate throughout your living spaces. These particles settle on furnishings, pollute the indoor air and rob your comfort system of efficiency by restricting airflow and making it work a little harder. The Bryant EZ Flex cabinet and filter can help alleviate those issues, with the MERV 13 model effectively clearing the air of more than 90% of airborne particles as small as 1.0 microns in size.*


Bryant EZ Flex filters are available in MERV 13 or MERV 10 efficiencies. Air filtration systems are measured with the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) using a scale from 1 – 16, the higher the number the better.


Your heating and cooling system is the unsung hero of your home, constantly running in the background to keep you cozy and comfortable. As air passes through the cooling coil, mold spores, bacteria and fungi stick to its damp surfaces. Buildup of these contaminants can reduce system performance and lead to the release of harmful mold spores and unpleasant odors into your home.

To help alleviate these issues, the Bryant® germicidal UV lamp is mounted near the cooling coil where fungus and microbes can grow. The intense UV light is designed to kill bacteria and mold growing on and around the indoor coil, enhancing system efficiency and improving the quality of your indoor air.



A Bryant® humidifier can “moisturize” dry, heated, winter air, making your home feel more comfortable. That’s important because during the heating season, your home can feel drier than the desert. Properly humidified air can help relieve the discomfort of dry nasal passages, itchy skin and static shocks.

A comfortably humidified home can help save energy, too. Because you are less likely to turn up the heat, you could potentially save money on your heating costs. With five distinctly different models, there’s a Bryant humidifier that is just right for your home.


As summer temperatures and humidity rise, your air conditioner or heat pump dehumidifies your home during the cooling process. To achieve desired humidity levels, the system often operates with greater frequency. By adding a Bryant whole-home dehumidifier, your system can more effectively pull excess moisture from the air circulating throughout your home. You’ll feel more comfortable without over cooling, meaning you can turn the thermostat up a few degrees to help save on energy costs.

Keeping humidity under wraps can also improve the quality of the air you breathe by keeping mold and some allergens under control.* It can help prevent warping or structural damage to wood flooring or furnishings. And, setting your dehumidification levels is simple and convenient using the LCD control that can remain on the dehumidifier cabinet or installed at a more easily accessed location.



Bryant fresh air ventilation offers a controlled solution for bringing fresh outdoor air into your home. It’s efficient because it ventilates without the energy loss you would experience through an open window or screen door. Whole-home ventilation is more important than ever with today’s more tightly sealed, energy-efficient homes that tend to trap airborne pollutants to circulate throughout your home.


Our energy and heat recovery ventilators can maintain your comfort with minimal heat loss. Here’s how:

  • Fresh, outdoor air and stale, indoor air enter our high-efficiency heat recovery core
  • Up to 70% of heat (or energy) from the indoor air is transferred to the clean, outdoor air for circulation throughout your home*
  • Energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) also remove excess humidity to enhance comfort and save energy
  • The outgoing and incoming air never mix, so you have a continuous flow of fresh air

Which one is right for me?

HRV: An HRV, or heat recovery ventilator, is a great choice for comfort and efficiency in colder climates with longer heating seasons, such as Canada or the northern United States.

ERV:An ERV, or energy recovery ventilator, is the right choice in the Midwest and southern states, where removing humidity from incoming air is vital to efficient, comfortable performance

Fresh Air Vent: Our most affordable and compact whole-home ventilation solution, the Bryant fresh air vent provides a controlled solution for fresh, indoor air without the heat exchange or humidity transfer of an ERV or HRV

Add-On ERV: For installations with space limitations, the add-on ERV offers a more compact solution that fits while still providing the needed ventilation and efficient performance



Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas produced by incomplete combustion of fuels such as natural and LP gas, kerosene, coal, wood and charcoal. Exposure can cause fatigue, chest pains, impaired vision and coordination, headaches, dizziness, confusion and nausea. That’s why it’s reassuring to know that you can protect your family with a Bryant carbon monoxide alarm.

The Bryant carbon monoxide alarm can put you at ease with its sophisticated electronics and sensor technology that detects and records the levels of CO circulating in your indoor air. You can monitor the current CO level in your home on a large, easy-to-read digital display. When dangerous levels of CO are present, a loud, audible alarm alerts you and your family automatically. To maximize your protection – and your peace of mind – Bryant recommends placing a carbon monoxide alarm on each level of the house and in every bedroom. Then, follow up with weekly alarm checks and an annual, professional inspection.

Continuous CO Monitoring

The easy-to-read, continuous digital display allows you to monitor the level of CO in your home with updated information every 15 seconds.

Built-In Safety Check

The test/reset button checks the unit’s electronic circuitry and horn so you can be assured the unit is functioning properly. It also resets the unit during an alarm.

Convenient Peak Level Tracking

With the simple push of a button, the carbon monoxide alarm will display the highest recorded CO level since the alarm was last reset or unplugged.

Installation Versatility

The AC plug adapter is removable and corded to provide the ultimate installation flexibility – it can be wallmounted, placed on a table top, or simply plugged directly into an available outlet. You can pick the best location to maximize the effectiveness of the alarm.

Uninterrupted Protection

The rechargeable lithium ion battery helps the carbon monoxide alarm provide uninterrupted protection, even during a power outage. (No need to replace batteries once a year.)

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